Workforce 2020: The Engagement Paradigm

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By the year 2020 75% of our workforce will be Millennials.  What are you doing to attract, engage and retain your staff and prepare for the millennial shift? Few things matter more to business success than their workforce. The right mix of people, skills, and culture can create a competitive advantage for companies. As a new generation joins the labor market effective workforce management is important. Big changes are underway and many organizations are attempting to transform themselves but some still lack the tools they need to engage employees and track their performance. Crafting strategies for the 2020 workforce is no small task. Consistent feedback, working in teams, and increased opportunities to develop are driving factors for millennials.

About the presenter

Terri Joosten 
Global VP, HR Strategies Consulting

As an HR evangelist, I drive business results and enable companies to engage their people through effective HR Strategies and Technologies. We enable C-Suite and senior HR leaders to drive business results through effective utilization of their most valuable assets, their people.

Webcast agenda

In order to succeed, we know three things to be true:

  • Companies must gain a better understanding of incoming Millennial employees
  • Companies must enhance employee engagement by providing the incentives and benefits that they need and actually want
  • It will require companies to take a more strategic approach to HR—and to equip themselves and the employees with the right tools.

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