What’s in your workspace? Leveraging integrated talent management, business dashboards.

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Recorded: November 16, 2021

The future of work requires significant attention to the daily experiences that employees have with the various technologies with which they interact. Business data, process data, HR data and communication channels are all intersecting and are being used to drive “next steps” and decision making. Leveraging all of this data and recording activities is critical but has traditionally been hindered by disparate systems that don’t easily allow for collaboration, visibility and ease of access.


About the Presenters

Arun Jyothi
SuccessFactors Consultant

HR Strategies Consulting

Dan Whitmarsh
Solutions Engineer

HR Strategies Consulting


Webcast Agenda

Join us in this webinar as we explore and demonstrate:

  • key touchpoints that demonstrate the positive business impact of integrated talent management systems
  • leveraging SAP Work Zone to connect business data to performance activities
  • establishing workflows to drive and track productivity
  • creating collaborative workspaces for teams and departments
  • delivering world class human experience management that empowers your workforce and drives engagement


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