Are You Due for a Time and Attendance Tune-Up?

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Making work easy does not have to mean sacrificing quality or savings. Have you been tasked with eliminating waste, improving efficiency, and reducing risks or errors in your HR/Payroll department?

Join HR Strategies Consulting’s Tom Trombley and WorkForce Software’s Virginia Wear for a conversation on tuning-up HR and Payroll within your organization.

If you are on a journey of making your HR or Payroll department into a fine-tuned organization, then this webinar is for you.   It is easy to go about business as usual without thinking about why things are done the way that they are, and what improvements or innovations in processes and tools are now available to further your objectives.

About the presenters

Tom Trombley 
Solutions Manager, WFS, HR Strategies Consulting

Virginia Wear
Senior Solutions Consultant, WorkForce Software

Webcast agenda

During this webcast, we will discuss:

  • Benefits of a time and attendance tune-up
  • Identifying areas to address
  • Solving time and attendance opportunities with examples
  • How to move your organization to action

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